My new book Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things was released earlier today. It is available for purchase on all major stores (Buy Now). This post provides an overview of the book.

What This Book Covers

Adeel Javed - Beginner's Guide to the Internet of Things

This book is based on my personal experience of getting started with IoT. It is divided into two logical sections. The first one teaches the basics of building IoT applications and the second section follows a project-based approach. At the end of each chapter, you will have a working prototype of an IoT application.

Part 1: Building Blocks

Chapters 1-3 cover the building blocks of IoT:

  • Chapter 1, “Arduino Basics,” introduces the Arduino prototyping platform, which is used throughout the book.
  • Chapter 2, “Internet Connectivity,” discusses the different options available for connecting things to the Internet.
  • Chapter 3, “Communication Protocols,” teaches you which communication protocols are and which ones are available for IoT.

Part 2: Prototypes

Chapters 4-12 use the information covered in Part 1 to build prototypes of IoT applications.

Download Source Code

Download code directly from Apress website or the GitHub repository.