Workflows are a core piece of enterprise apps, and most work follows a process either structured or unstructured. The process is implemented either by code or some visual drag and drop tool. In both cases, a user of the application cannot understand the implementation details of the process (nor they should), so they cannot easily tell where are they in the process.

A very simple and effective way is to wrap all that complexity in progress bar that provides milestone level information upfront on the screen. For longer processes, these can be high-level milestones that are relevant to users and for smaller processes, major activities can be included. Following two figures show how a milestone progress bar might look.

Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Improving Worker Engagement

If more milestone information is required to be displayed to the users then following design can be used.

Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Enterprise Applications

Whichever design you choose, the idea is to clearly show all the milestones that a user needs to complete, and where they are right now in the process.

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