Good decision making requires good data. Finding good data usually means that user has to run some report, log in to some other system or request some team to provide it. All these activities cost time and resources and often cause delays in the decision making process.

There are a couple of ways to make the decision-making process easier and quicker.

Decision-able Data

Providing data that is relevant to the decision making process is a good way to ensure that user does not have to leave the screen to find such information e.g. a manager has to approve if a new contractor can be on-boarded or not, so the system could provide how much budget there is, and to further facilitate what has been the trend of decisions for similar requests.

Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Improving Worker Engagement

External System Links

For cases when you cannot bring data into your system, and as a result, users need to perform swivel chair activities (i.e. users need to manually log in to another system and get some data), it is helpful to provide them with a list of those external systems.

Ideally, these should SSO-enabled links that take users to correct screens in the external system, preferably with pre-filled data.

Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Improving Worker Engagement 

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