This post provides an overview of my new free eBook “UX Patterns for Enterprise Applications“.

What This Book Covers

Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Enterprise Applications - eBookUser Experience (UX) is an important field, lots of money and research is going in defining this field. Getting the UX right is an important step while designing consumer apps. Unfortunately, while building enterprise apps UX becomes a low priority. In my opinion, the reason is very simple, the conversion rate is not an issue, users have to use the application no matter what, so no one spends time and money on UX research.

Most organizations do not have dedicated UI/UX designers to projects, and developers like myself end up doing most of the UI design. So the idea behind this eBook is to look at the common functionality that most enterprise apps provide, and share patterns that developers can use to improve the user experience.



You can download the free eBook from dropbox.