Topics Covered In The Book

Prototyping Hardware

Provides overview of Arduino prototyping platform

Connectivity Options

Explores various options available for connecting things to the internet

Communication Protocols

Teaches basics of HTTP and MQTT communication protocols used in IoT applications


Introduces Node-RED a visual designer that helps reduce amount of code required for IoT applications

Realtime Clients

Talks about realtime IoT application using example of an Intrusion Detection System

Remote Control

Discusses how to remotely control things from a mobile app using example of a Lighting Control System

On Demand Clients

Shows how to build an on demand IoT application using example of a Smarter Parking System

Web Apps

Teaches when web clients might be preferred by building a Temperature Monitoring System

Location Aware

Discusses importance of location aware devices and develops a Livestock Tracking System for elaboration

Machine to Human

Talks about scenarios where human response is needed and builds a Waste Management System as an example

Machine to Machine

Discusses how to make multiple machines talk and for elaboration prototypes an Energy Conservation System

IoT Platforms

Introduces to IoT platforms that help expedite development entry into IoT as an example builds a Soil Moisture Control system



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