Patterns Covered In The Book


Read how to avoid designing bad navigation system that add time to complete work and make the experience frustrating


Learn how to design efficient work inboxes that ease work assignment and planning


Make finding information on a screen easier, learn different information layout patterns


Give visibility into current state of a process by using this simple milestone pattern

Urgency & Timeliness

See how and where to display due dates to ensure cycle times are met

Input Fields

Learn how to reduce number of user interactions (eyes, mouse/keyboard/touch)

Smart Defaults

Follow these simple approaches to reduce errors by keeping data entry to a minimum

Tabular Data

Provide users the flexibility of spreadsheets by using table patterns

Linked Data

Help users visualize links and connections between data using this pattern

Location Data

With Internet of Things (IoT) getting popular, it is important to have an awareness about the location of “things”

Relevant Data

Good decision making requires good data, use this pattern to provide relevant data to users


Think of search option as an alternative and much quicker way to navigate


Consider these patterns when designing primary actions

Error Messages

Reduce frustration by showing descriptive errors early


Provide continuous improvement options using the user feedback option