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BPM Practitioner

Since I wrote my first computer program 17 years ago, I have always been intrigued by the idea of how automation can improve our lives. As a technology professional my primary focus has been on business process management (BPM). I have helped various Fortune 500 organizations from diverse global industry domains with their process improvements and automation projects. I love to explore new technologies, and as a result, I have experience with 12 different BPM platforms including major platforms such as IBM BPM and Appian.

Delivery Manager

I have extensive experience of developing teams from the ground up, setting up center of excellence (CoE) and defining end to end delivery methodologies. I have managed a large portfolio of projects and teams distributed across multiple geographies. I am well versed in agile, iterative and waterfall methodologies and practices.


I was browsing the web, as you do when I stumbled upon a TED talk by Massimo Banzi (founder of Arduino). I was intrigued by his idea of an open source electronics prototyping platform. The very same day I ordered a starter kit for Arduino (of course with the goal to build something similar to Mars rover). Unfortunately, without internet connectivity, it was not as much fun. I never got to building the rover, but all the issues I faced due to lack of training material available around IoT prompted me to document step-by-step instructions for other beginners like myself. I combined all of these instructions, turned them into a book, sent to a few publishers for their thoughts, luckily all replied positively and a few months later I became a published author.


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Adeel Javed - Why Use Low Code Application Development Platform

Why Use Low-Code Application Development Platforms?

In this article, I am going to try to sift through all the noise about low-code platforms and show you why I think organizations should consider low-code platforms for their development needs. We are not going to look at any particular platform, instead we are going to run a simulation of sorts. We are going to take a set of requirements for a simple application, and then find out what type of effort would be required to implement, test and maintain the application using COTS, Custom Application Development and Low-Code Application Development methodologies.

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Adeel Javed - UX Patterns For Enterprise Applications

eBook Overview: UX Patterns for Enterprise Applications

Most organizations do not have dedicated UI/UX designers on projects, and developers like myself end up doing most of the UI design. So the idea behind this eBook is to look at common functionality that most enterprise apps provide, and share patterns that developers can use to improve user experience.

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