Process Automation Specialist

I help organizations deliver process automation projects using BPM, rules and integration platforms. I have been in the process automation space for over 12 years now and have delivered more than 25 end to end projects using different platforms.

Delivery Manager

I have extensive experience of developing teams from the ground up, setting up the center of expertise (CoE) and defining end to end delivery methodologies. I have managed a large portfolio of projects, and teams distributed across multiple geographies. I am well versed in agile, iterative and waterfall methodologies.


I love exploring new technologies and writing about them. Writing about an idea helps me make sense of it and in the process hopefully helps others understand it as well. This very reason led me to publish my first book "Building Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things". I share my thoughts on various technology trends at


Latest Posts

Adeel Javed - Digital Process Automation - Featured Image

How To Pick The Right Process For Digitization?

An automation heat map can help you prioritize processes and activities that are good potentials for digital automation.

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Adeel Javed - Digital Process Automation - Featured Image

Where To Begin Your Digital Process Automation Journey?

Both value chain analysis and customer journey maps will help you identify internal processes and improvement opportunities.

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Adeel Javed - How To Make BPMS And RPA Work Together

How To Make BPMS And RPA Work Together – Part 2

RPA compliments BPMS very nicely, it can actually increase adoption of BPMS, and vice versa. In this article, I explore two different approaches that can be used to make a BPMS and an RPA tool work together in harmony.

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